The SAABga continues!

Pro photo editing skillz
Pro photo editing skillz

Welcome back to the never ending saga where I post about a car that I am 100% committed to buying and the next day say how terrible it is and am no longer buying it! Well the crack pipe Saabaru with a “minor” headgasket leak, potentially bad clutch, nail in the tire, soft shocks, dented subframe, and mostly worn brake rotors and front pads is back!

Back in the sense that it is no longer TOTALLY written off. The seller texted me today and said he thought about it and the lowest he can do is $8k. Now, I already have a flight into SFO and I booked a rental to drive home to LA (such is life when you 99% commit to buying a car and change your mind). But anyways I am checking out another Saabaru nearby and well I might as well test drive this one!


Before you tell me that I am NUTS, I am not bringing any money with me and so I am NOT buying a car that day no matter what! Hopefully the banks are closed too by the time I finish the test drive, dont want any ideas creeping into my head (GOOD THING I CANT PULL $8K FROM THE ATM!)

Haha but really, I am sticking hard to not buying anything until after I arrive in California on the Nov 11th with my Miata. Then if its still available and nobody wants it for that price, I imagine he would be more amenable to my offer. But at least I get a free test drive out of it!



BTW, here was the other maintenance done to the car to provide more history on it:

6/10/2010 - Purchased car
7/1/2010 - 42,000 miles Exhaust leak fixed
7/7/2010 - 43,246 miles Smog check pass
7/22/2010 - 43,727 miles Oil change
7/23/2010 - 43,668 replace front right axle
6/6/2011 - 49,496 miles Oil change
9/1/2012 - 51,252 miles Replaced front pads
4/23/2015 - 54,204 miles Installed Fujitsubo Legalis R Axleback, Tomei equal length header, Subaru gaskets, Subaru exhaust bolt and spring kit, Replace oil cooler to STI version, Oil change, Coolant
8/4/2016 - 58,690 miles Oil change
12/3/2016 - 60,976 miles Front axles replaced with OEM Subaru axles, Oil change, MOC Intake Cleaner, MOC Fuel Injector Cleaner, Factory Air filter, Transmission gear/oil, Brake fluid flush with Motul, Parts wash, Subaru longlife coolant, Denso iridium plugs IK22, Cabin filter, Replace R Valve cover gasket, valve cover, spark plug and cam plug gasket, AC belts
1/10/2017 - 61,688 miles Bridgestone Potenza RE970 Pole Position Ultra High Performance tires, replaced all 4 at Costco (40,000 mile warranty) free lifetime balance and rotation
7/11/2017 - 64,487 miles Alignment
7/12/2017 - 64,600 miles Secondary air system block off plates, reprogram ECU
7/XX/2017 - Smog check pass (couldn’t find this receipt)
8/15/2017 - 65,400 miles Oil change

Tomorrow I will be changing out the air filter and cabin filter.

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