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The Sad Truth About Corvettes In Germany

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I saw this C5 Convertible a few days ago on my way to work. Since the driver was coincidentally parking it right next to my working place, I was able to take a photo before heading home.


The AC/DC Sticker might be alright, but the sentence below the license plate translates as: “Don’t hunt what you can’t kill!”


So you clearly see that over here in Germany we don’t need Top Gear to sum up the image of the Corvette for us. The owners themselves are doing it just fine. Their overconfident manliness combined with their knowledge that the Corvette sadly isn’t the ultimate status symbol like a Ferrari or Porsche make stickers like this one so cringeworthy.

The car isn’t to blame of course and I like the Corvette for what it is. Yet the bro/macho/pimp image is simply unbearable.

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