I had a conversation with a fellow who asked me why I’m bothering working on the Crapri. And it got me thinking. There is a good reason. Bear with me a moment.

This is really my first long term project. As such everything I work on will be compared to this car and all the challenges I’ve faced and will face working on the Capri. Since this car needs absolutely everything, it’ll be a great learning experience, it’ll teach me most, if not all the skills I’ll need in the future for any other project.

Metalwork, engine building, electrical, plumbing, upholstery excetera. Every project from here will seem easy.

And if I mess it up, what’s too lose? I started with a car that absolutely everyone else had left for dead.


And when, WHEN, this car is done, I’ll be able to show them this picture and tell them, I brought this car back from that.

And that’ll be a pretty special feeling.