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The Saga Continues [update!]

Update Monday 11/5: Since this is a boring post, literally about an appliance, I’ll cut to the chase. They’re replacing the whole fridge at no cost to us. YAY! It will still take 2-3 weeks for it to arrive, but whatever. Good on you, Bosch. Way to do the right thing.

I’m sure you’ve all been sitting on the edges of your collective seats, waiting for an update from me, on my fridge that broke on September 8th. No? Too bad, here it is:


Bosch: It looks like we do have an updated ETA for you, sir, and it’s 12/11.

Me: Excuse me? Like, not the 12th of November, but 12/11 like December 12th?

B: Yes, sir, that would be the twelfth of December.

M: [after a pause of shock and a deep breath] Do you realize that the original issue happened OVER THREE MONTHS from that date? How do you think you would be feeling if you had a wife and two small kids at home and you had no refrigerator for THREE MONTHS?


B: Yes, sir I’d be pretty upset, too, sir.

M: Well... where do we go from here? I am not going to patiently wait another five weeks. I’ve been extremely patient thus far. I’m all done being patient.


B: Let me put you through to a supervisor.........

On a related note: the fridge has a 1-year comprehensive warranty. Then they have a 5-year extension for all electronic parts. But if an electronic part causes the whole thing not to work, and three attempts have already been made to repair the appliance with various electronic parts, what if that elusive other part doesn’t fix it? I say, they have to give me a new fridge. You can’t tell me that only the part that’s disabling the whole unit from working AT ALL is the only thing that’s covered, full stop. If it doesn’t solve the problem, it can’t end there, can it?


I mean, maybe. But I’m going to argue vehemently that it doesn’t. And they did seem agreeable to paying for some of the other expenses I’ve incurred as a result of this, like buying an entire second fridge to get us by.

Stay tuned for another riveting installment of The Great Refrigerator Saga of 2018 And Hopefully Not Including 2019 For Fuck’s Sake

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