The saga continues

I’ve given a lot of thought as to how I’m going to organize the 2nd storage unit, but today I finally started working.

I want this size bed, on a truck that’s drastically shrunk in all other dimensions. I am curious if the Volvo can fit a sheet of plywood with the seats down. Doubtful, but I’ll test it eventually
I am going to need a truck eventually. The whole “mobile workstation” thing is incredible.
Here’s the initial design. Two open boxes with greenery stuffed inside, in an organized manner. Above the boxes will be more storage space, because the lower sections won’t be enough to fit everything.
Figuring out dimensions. Laying everything out helps me brainstorm, and I soon realized there was a much better way...
Use the gear I already have! I removed the inner shelves and used these as walls they’re rated at 7000 lbs, so even without a few beams they should easily hold 500lbs of greenery (at most). The wire shelves make for great threahold/gate thingys
And where I left it. Gotta cut some plywood, make thresholds for the top shelf, and work on the side box, as seen in the first diagram.

This is going to be pretty cool when finished.

I’m not going to, but part of me wants to build a staircase and turn the entire 20ft long space into a 2 floor unit. Which... Is mind boggling. I feel like I could do that safely, when 9 months ago I’d done zero woodwork besides laminate flooring.

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