The saga of the pothole continues.

This is half asking for advice, half a rant. I copy and pasted what I posted to r/mechanicadvice since I didn't want to re-write the whole thing though.

Hey there. Another question for you guys. Back in March or April, I hit what may have been the largest pothole I've ever seen on my two month old car. Since then, I had gotten an alignment, a new rim, and most recently (today) and new tire.

The pothole knocked the car out of alignment and bent the rim. The separated belts in the tire didn't appear until more recently where it got worse and worse very rapidly.


Literally JUST got back from Ford, and am even more frustrated. They replaced the tire on the rear left. The mechanic had checked it out, to determine which tire was bad, and had selected this one. This fixed a lot of noise, however it has made another issue more apparent.

I am getting a circular rumble that I can feel in the floorpan at around 25MPH, getting quicker and quicker as the speed increases, to the point it develops a slight drone. I also get a shake in the steering around 40MPH, which continues up until somewhere around 70. I had thought that the sound was exaggerated when I made a right turn, but cannot confirm that anymore.

When I dropped the car off to have the new tire mounted and balanced, I mentioned the noise, but they couldn't duplicate. I also didn't have time to do a ride-along, since I was on lunch from work.

I am growing more and more frustrated, because of the amount of headache this god damn pothole has caused me. I bought a new car for it to be NEW and not have this many problems. It's been in the shop more than 7 times in the 7000 miles and 3 months I've owned it. I'm finding myself wishing I had bought a truck instead, just to deal with the terrible roads and winters.


From what I can think, this noise could be a bearing, which would make sense considering the size of the hole I hit. I wouldn't of been surprised it it bent the whole front left suspension out. I've had it checked more than once, and they keep telling me it's fine, but apparently it's not. At this point, I don't even care about a warranty claim, I'll pay the money to repair just to be able to enjoy my NEW car as a NEW car again.

My apologized for the rant, but I'm so damn heated right now. Any clue as to what could possibly be wrong?


Thanks in advance, for the help and letting me vent.

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