Guess whose 3-week-old brand new not-reman starter failed this morning? If I replace it, this would be the... probably 5th starter in 3-4 years.

The Jeep is cursed, or there’s something very wonky going on electrically. I have a bunch of stuff I keep to try to troubleshoot, but I didn’t have the opportunity. It’s hard to run a multimeter while starting it myself, and I couldn’t keep the park employee who stopped to help me out long enough to fight my way through the learning curve.

But, at least I got a pretty sunrise photo before I discovered the dead Jeep.


Back to the mechanic tomorrow, at the very least I want him to set up a bypass for me so I can trigger the starter while hammering on it. Of all my stress on this topic, a significant percentage is the fact that I have to find someone to help me every time this happens.

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