The Sales Process of Buying a Car is the Worst!

If I buy an Alltrack, it will be the 16th road legal vehicle that I have purchased in my 18 years of being a licensed driver. Out of all of those, I have had one halfway decent experience ironically enough at the same dealer that I am working with now.

I tell the salesman that I want to buy the Alltrack they have, he says it’s sold but more are coming in. One is green/brown, but he would let me know when the first one arrives so I can drive on even if it’s not the one I’m going to buy.


I get several other emails asking how I plan to pay, if I have a trade, etc... I tell him. Then he sends another saying he “has a few other ideas he’d like to share with me, and would I be available by phone.” I don’t respond.

He sends another email, “we have one here but it is sold an therefore unable to be driven. I will have two more for in the next few days for you to check out

I say “ok, is one of those two green/brown, or is that the one that was sold?”

I receive a separate email in response not addressing my question:

“we have had a lot of recent interest on the Golf Alltrack you are looking at. What information do you still need before getting together at the dealership? I want to make sure you have a chance to see it before someone else purchases it.”


I said,I need to know that you have a manual Alltrack that I can drive and a green/brown one for me to consider buying either on site or on the way”

I get it dude, you don’t have the car for whatever reason you’re trying to do whatever you can to get me down there and sell me something on the lot. I would have a lot more respect for the guy if he just said he didn’t have it. I told the guy I can wait for the perfect one.


The car sales process is such a sleazy, pushy, bullshit fest. Why can communication be good and why does it have to take 5 fucking hours in the dealer to buy a car. I settled on my house faster than I have bought most cars.

I know the deal, how the sales guy goes back to his manager, and they make me wait, then they bring the number down a little bit, just trying to wear you down. I hate it.


Just say you don’t have it! Why is it so hard? I was so excited to buy a car, and just that fast I’m over it. All the guy had to do was communicate.

/Rant over

If you haven’t listened, “129 Cars” is an excellent podcast.

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