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I’ve gotten a few calls lately regarding salespeople telling buyers that cars had features they didn’t. The buyers think it may have been an honest mistake but the seller still won’t make it good. Yes, that happens too.


We know that salespeople sometimes lie. But what if they make an honest mistake? I’ve heard from several people recently who specifically asked about particular features of cars there were looking at - and after being told the cars had them, they bought the cars to find out they didn’t. Two different people recently told me about this happening with Navigation systems.

Does it make a difference if the salesman was honestly mistaken? What if it wasn’t a lie? Does that give you a remedy?


No, at least no different than if they had lied to you. And chances are - in both settings - the purchase agreement would doom you anyway.

So I talk about this and the steps you can take in this week’s podcast. Here is the audio:


And the video:

And the top shot was a Scout I saw on the side of the road in northern Michigan, while I was driving out and about.


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