The Scenic Route - Chuckanut Road

I had reason to visit the far northwest of the northwest today, so I took the scenic route on the way back: the well-known Chuckanut Road, like Aesthetics in Motion did a couple of weeks ago except without really going out of my way. It’s a pretty two-lane state route that starts (at least if you’re going north-to-south) with some rolling hills in a residential area outside Bellingham, proceeds through a state park via wooded, cliffside twists and turns with views out over Puget Sound, and concludes with a series of long straightaways through farm fields near Burlington. Conveniently, it more or less starts an ends at I-5, so if you’re starting and ending past its ends it can serve as a scenic route that still gets you where you’re going reasonably efficiently.


In practical terms, it would be a nice road to be a passenger on so you can enjoy the view portions. As a driver, all you can do is seethe at the back of a series of Oregon- and BC-plated crossovers doing five under, until they turn off at an overlook or trailhead and you have a nice stretch to yourself before running into another one. The straightaways through farm fields with a dotted yellow center line were a bit more fun, for some reason...


Anyway, still better than spending that time in the office.

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