Greetings Oppo!

So late this past spring I bought a 79 International Scout II Traveler that was someone else’s project. I know the conventional advice is to never do this, and while it can cause some headaches I’ve done it many times before and am far too cheap to pass something up at the right price. It’s been a while since I’ve done an update on her, or spent much time on Oppo, work and the holdays has kept me busy.



How I bought her!

So, while life got in the way and other projects took precedent (like my 79 Goldwing that refuses to cooperate in the long run) it has languished in my driveway, staring at me with no front clip for a while. While has been for more patient than I deserve, I figured I needed to get some work done! I had a free weekend in the summer and got a good deal done with her, I hooked up the cooling system and reconnected a lot of the removed wiring in the engine bay. Being that it was summer I filled the coolant system up with water as I was planning on flushing out the coolant system shortly after.

Shiny Aluminum!

Well you all know how that goes... About 2 weeks ago when we had our first frost I remembered that the truck still had water in it! That kicked me right into gear. The carb I had bought in May leaked like nobody’s business when I filled it with gas, I tinkered with float levels and a few other things then just broke down and bought a new one. Many other things got put together in a hurry.

The offending Edelbrock

An incomplete list of things I have done since I got her.

· Bought and installed new alum radiator

· New Cap, Rotor, and Wires

· Static timed the engine as all the above had been removed when I bought it

· Bought drivers side inner fender

· Hung Doors

· Installed front fenders and hood

· Installed grill

· Bolted down seats

· Cleaned a shocking amount of Mouse activity out of nearly every part of this truck


· Reinstalled and engine bay wiring (again all removed)

· Bought and installed new heater core (original is unavailable, one from a 2007 Taurus is close enough to work though).


· Wired in electric fuel pump and pressure regulator

· Figured out maybe 50% of the vacuum hose and emissions routing in the engine bay


· Changed engine oil twice (7 quarts!)

· Checked and topped off other fluids

This is how she looks today though!

Yes... body work is on the list long term...
Look at that face!

That’s quite a list, and I‘m sure that I am forgetting quite a few things. I did actually get it to the point that it runs, idles, and even moves under its own power! I drove it about 2 miles from the house and back Sunday! I was downright jubilant!

There is still a long list of things that need to be done before she is ready for duty though:

· Track down a coolant loak

· Track down an Oil leak (that may be from the old mechanical fuel pump)

· Finish front grill and install lights

· Seatbelts…….

· Clean and paint inside of top (the fiberglass has decides to mold on the inside..)


· Figure out tires

· Flush brake system

· Flush Transmission and change filter

· Change front and rear end oil

· Likely do some brake work

· Clean up wire routing in engine bay

· Figure out that damn vacuum line routing

· Many, many more things I’m sure

In the meantime I’m still trucking as the dog below really wants a ride!




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