Ramblings after the jump.

I painted all the welded areas and then put window sealant over any areas that might see water.

The first drive there was a noticeable difference, this is partly due to the fact that before I even got the asphalt the car had to drive about a mile on dirt road that maxed out the suspension and did it’s best to flex the chassis. The areas I focused on were in front of and around the door jams. What started all this was seeing the stressed spot welds around the A pillar so its safe to say that alot of flexing was occurring in the areas that I welded.

Had to use Testors model paints because they were the only oil based paints that I had. They come in very small bottles so the welds are painted in 3 different colors.


So it does feel stronger, and now that one part dosent flex you can feel everything else flexing. I can tell that the subframe bushings are completely toast, when you give it gas you can feel the rear suspension move which is significantly more pronounced than before. And since I didnt do any seam welds widthwise on the chassis you can feel it twisting better than before. The handing wasn’t really improved because I didn’t do enough of the chassis, but feedback is improved. Will definitely do more later.

The car in question, albeit from a few months ago.