When I saw this morning that Hoovie had added yet another stupid purchase to his long line of hoopties, I thought he’d gone insane. An 850 for so cheap is not just a stupid idea, it’s a death wish. But as he went over his new gem, I slowly realized that he wasn’t an insane idiot, but rather an evil genius.

I do believe that most if not all car enthusiasts have had second thoughts about the 8 Series. It’s a crazy testament to how driven the engineers in my ancestral home country once were, and every time I see one, I can’t help but tear up at its sensual, simplistic, yet sexy lines. And with the 8 Series nameplate making a return soon, I see these old units becoming more and more desirable.

So, as Hoovie finished his spiel, I hopped on Autotrader to find that 850s, while rare, are not nearly as expensive as I’d previously feared. Of course, the lower mileage ones are about the price of a gently used 2 Series, and the Uber-rare 850CSI is nearing 100 Grand, but the thought that I could get one for under 20 Grand gave me some hope. Of course, it won’t be as reliable as a comparable SC400, but being that it’s a pre-VANOS car as Hoovie mentioned, I have hope.


What are your thoughts Oppo? Good idea or bad?