The Sears Near Me Closed.

I was going there to have some tires mounted. The store was always empty, but the tire center was always busy, guess it wasn’t enough to keep everything else afloat. Went to Discount Tire across the road instead. And the tech didn’t wipe the rims off before putting the wheel weights on, so they were falling off by the next day...

I noticed when I went under the car to adjust the drum brakes, so the parking brake would hold for inspection. Took it back in today and they re-balanced the wheels and stuck the weights on properly this time (really who F’s something this simple up? I’m sure your coworkers love having to shoe somebody in because you “saved” three seconds cutting the dumbest corner). Buuut it was too late to get in line for inspection by the time I got to the shop. 9 _ 9


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