Hello all! It's time for the second annual secret senna! Here are the rules!

1. Sadly ,due to the complexity of shipping overseas this year's Secret Senna will be limited to North America only. (However if anyone would like to organize a Secret Senna for your continent, please send me an E-mail at Alex7302@gmail.com)

2. Due to some burners signing up but not sending gifts, you must be an established member of the Oppo Community to sign up. If you are not but still wish to sign up then you must have the sponsorship of an established oppo member. However, established oppo members, if you sponsor someone and they end up not sending a gift, you will be on the hook for sending their senna a gift or be banned for next year's secret senna. I simply do this to keep people from sponsoring everyone that asks to be sponsored and make you really think hard about if you think this person deserves to be able to play.

3. I will not sponsor any insurance for Secret Senna. I find when money starts changing hands in an activity like this things go to shit quick. If yall would like to establish an external insurance fund, I will cooperate but know that they are not in any way officially tied to Secret Senna or me.

4. All info must be sent to me by December 10th at 24:59 and I'll try to have them out by the second week of November. The info will be in an Email sent to Alex7302@gmail.com. It will include the following info in the following format, I'll use mine for example.


Kinja URL: Alex7302.kinja.com

Oppo Username: Alex's In His Heaven All's Right With The World

Sponsor URL: (We'll use Nibby for an example) Nibby68.Kinja.Com

Sponsor Username: Hi, I'm Nibby

Name: Alex (last name redacted)

Country: USA

State: Louisiana

Zip code: redacted

City: redacted

Street Address: redacted

5. The minimum amount that you can spend is $5. There is no maximum amount, you can go buy your senna a Ferrari for all I care, Just know that you could just be getting a $5 gift back. But hey, if you're in the giving spirit and want to get a certain event organizer the $500 limited edition of End of Evangelion on Laser Disk, no one's stopping you. wink wink nudge nudge