the thread where we care. I never got a chance to talk about rosters and see what kind of teams other people came up with this year because my draft was the Wednesday before opening night. So what are your lineups?

I had a 12 team league that started this year. I had the 11th pick. I hate that I had the 11th pick. I hate it even more since Eddie Lacy went #25 in that draft.

Tom BradyAlfred Morris
Deangelo Williams (Ryan Matthews and J. Bell are my backups)
AJ Green
Reggie Wayne
Wes Welker (Brian Hartline is a backup)
Owne Daniels
Adam Vineteri
Denver D/ST

I hate that team. I hate my RBs on that team. I hate that I pretty much had to take Tom Brady in the 4th round because he was there. I wanted Andrew Luck but it was way too early to take Luck all the RBs were gone and I already had 2 good WRs. I'm a huge Tom Brady fan but the value at QB was in the QBs taken later in the draft. They cost less to get (later pick) and will probably produce just as much.

My other team I picked 10th. Allowed to keep 2 players from the previous year I kept 1. Ray Rice. Got CJ2k in Round 2 and Eddie Lacy in Round 3.

Andrew Luck
Ray Rice
Chris Johnson (Backup is Lacy)
Reggie Wayne
Eric Decker
Brian Hartline (Sidney Rice, Justin Blackmon, Vincent Brown are backups)
Jermichael Finley (Coby Fleener)David Akers
Seahawks D/ST.

To give you an idea of what a good defense is worth. Seahawks D scored 226 points in our format last year. Eric Decker (#8 WR) scored 218. We also give a half point out per reception in that league.