The Second Round Of The Oppositelock Endurance Championship Is In One Hour (BUILD RULES FINALIZED)

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*CLICK HERE FOR LIVESTREAM LIST* The second round of the Oppositelock Endurance Championship III at Catalunya is March 24th at 6:00 PM EDT. If you’d like to learn more about the series, click the link and get all the info. Or, if you’ve already read the plan but haven’t signed up yet, click here to go right to the sign up sheet.


If you’re not racing with us, many of us stream the races on twitch, the links for which are in the livestream list linked above.

Also, instead of using parties or gamechat, we are going to be using the Oppositelock Racing/Digital Burnouts Discord to communicate during the races. If for some reason we are not using the app or it fails, we will be using gamechat to communicate, and hoping for the best. HERE IS THE INFO AND SERVER ACCESS LINK FOR THE DISCORD SERVER.


We’re back baby! Thanks to Turn 10 breaking the game (again) not only one but two of these races have been postponed. And now scheduling is all fucky. We did have some good races in the downtime though. And for those of you who really enjoyed it, don’t worry it may just come back sometime. But nonetheless, break out those turbocharged monsters and get ready to race again. If you have a new car or livery, feel free to post it in the official livery thread.

BUILD RULES HAVE BEEN FINALIZED! CLICK HERE FOR THE CURRENT BUILDS. A large amount of builds have changed since the last round so make sure to check the sheet. I’m hoping to keep these cars unchanged until Le Mans so hopefully any changes made after this will be minor. However, for this set of BoP I am being forced to do something I’m not a huge fan of and have never done before. THE 1993 TOYOTA EAGLE MK III HAS REQUIRED TUNING SETTINGS UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE. THE REQUIRED SETTINGS ARE ON THE BUILD SHEET. Namely, there is a maximum amount of aero you are allowed to run. This was done because the only way to get the Toyota on pace with open tuning was to severly limit its power to the point of it being unsafe in traffic. While it is largely honors system for enforcement, I and everyone else will know if you’re running too much aero. Please don’t try and break this ruling and gain an advantage. If you do that, you’ve missed the point of these events entirely. Also, since the fuel capacities of every car are very similar, there will be no required pit stops for either class.


That’s it for now! There’s a lot of racing going on this weekend, so a practice is probably inevitable. Keep an eye on the Discord for any .

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