The post about the Tahoe stuck in the sand reminded me of this picture.

How is it that these 1950s humdinger cars without 4x4, low range, and deep-treaded radial tires, are lined up as far as the eye can see? Even right next to the waterline.

Either one of three things:

1. Driver input. Slow and steady wins the race. That said, I have yet to see a vehicle other than a specially-built 4x4 on the beach nowadays. I never hear anyone talking about driving their Camry or Focus on sand. That said again, Its been about 4 years since I last visited the beach.


2. Sand was more tightly stuck together. It just was back in the day?

3. The car is the truck of old. Many cars back in the day towed campers and trailers, until trucks replaced those roles to this day. And trucks are the main vehicles to drive on the beach today.


EDIT: This is Daytona Beach, one of the few, if not only place where 2wd cars can drive on the tightly compacted sand.