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The Secret Fuel Efficiency of a 5.0 Jaguar XF

A 2012 Jaguar XF with the entry-level 5.0L V8 — producing 380 hp / 380 lb-ft of torque — is rated at 16 city / 23 highway. However, this XF has consistently returned 22 mpg commuting around town and often averages a fleck over 26 mpg on highways. Even when I open the car up on my monthly, 2-hour long system checks, I can still get the car to average 20 mpg.

Right out the gate, let me say that you don’t need to utilize any special techniques, modifications, or dieting progams in order to unlock these fuel economy numbers. Jumping into the car and driving without ever touching a button or dial will grant you a 20-22 mpg city return nearly as often as manually shifting the car. All you need to do is:

  • Shift (automatically or manually) between 2,100 rpm to 2,500 rpm.
  • Have stretches of space/time in which the car can cruise at 40 mph and up.

The more time you spend below 40 mph or cutting up above 3,000 rpm means that you need to spend exponentially more time cruising above 40 mph in order to get back to a 20-22 mpg overall average. Whether you make up the time during a single drive or over the course of 14-16 gallons of fuel is up to you. This is a case in which the numbers on paper versus practice are wildly different in your favor.


EPA rating: 16 city / 23 highway [19 avg]

The Wobs returns: 19 city / 26 highway [22 avg]

Two other things about the XF that aid with the efficiency:

  • The car will allow you to pull away from a stop in 2nd gear.
  • You can get into 6th gear at just below 40 mph (manual shifting is needed though).

But if you’re good with throttle control then don’t worry about response-numbing techniques. That just opens up a can of pidgeons.

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