The Shadow

Trying to figure out what fun thing to do next with the loaner Fiat. I’ve had it coming on a month now. My Abarth has been in the shop for a list of things, mostly for getting the top replaced.

It’s a 500 sport try hard edition; black, black wheels, black housings, with an all black interior - tint the windows and you’re set to vape with the pros. My wife and I have dubbed it The Shadow.


It had not been cleaned when I drove off in it. I found a sweet traditional christian mix tape in the glove box, McDonalds trash (filet o’fish tbox to be specific, judge that as you will) , some make up, and a few sockets - considering keeping those.

So far I have:

1. Regularly park at the back of parking spaces while parked next to larger vehicles

2. Squeezed in to small spots where typical BMW drivers have parked

2.5 Squeezed in to small spots in traffic after having to swerve around people who cut me off because they don’t see me (which was not a problem in the red Abarth - bright colors save road rage people)


3. Road tripped from Nashville to Tulsa - where I tried to get reasonable gas mileage, but failed to achieve the 40 mpg as advertised. No A/C and cruise control majority of the way. I suspect I could reach 40 mpg if I was cruising closer to 55 mph, but that was 10-15 mpg below the speed limit.

this is .8 from being a totally empty tank

Some quick pics of the trip

Stayed in an EconoLodge - broke the trip up in two I had no where to be as my wife flew to Tulsa earlier
Made a Fiat friend at the EconoLodge
Classic trashy gas station stuff
Look at this lil cutie (get it, that’s a joke boy)

I’ve put about 2,800 miles on it so far. It has recently developed a very obnoxious high pitched speak when the blower is on low, so that’s cool for a car with six thousand some odd miles.


It’s been requested to see how fast it’ll go in reverse. Any thing I should be looking to do with my otherwise pretty average loaner car?

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