The Shinying - Part 2

Part 1 was a resounding “TL;DR” so here’s a single before and a couple after pictures of today’s progress:

Before. Some spots are very badly oxidized to the point of complete or near-complete clearcoat failure.
After. There are some points of pitting and one quarter-sized spot where the clear had failed completely and basecoat is probably exposed; overall much better than it was.
Opened the door for some natural light (I’m used to working after dark...). This is the passenger’s B-pillar. Not sure what the neighbor’s up to.
Top of the driver’s rear quarter, showcasing one of the red maple trees in my front yard.

For those curious, this is 1000 grit wet, 1500 grit wet, 2000 grit wet, Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound, Ultimate Polish, followed up with a layer of NXT Tech 2 wax/sealant. I’ll do another coat when it’s all done.

The areas not-horribly-oxidized won’t get the 1000 when I do them since it probably isn’t necessary, but this area needed it. The areas below the pinstripe are in very good shape (this is sun damage) and will probably only get compounded/polished. Maybe 2000 wet to take out some orange peel.


Next will be the roof, which is basically flat grey at this point.

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