I have no idea why that stupid hess truck jingle is stuck in my head, but anyways I have the Neon back from the shop with a nice new fuel pump and set of tank straps. And it drives great! Aside from the blinking check engine light, manual (depowered) steering, and atrociously bad front engine mount, this thing is MINT. I am replacing that motor mount and attempting to do my intake gasket today to get it that much better.


This thing is 1000x better than that shitty Nissan Versa, or the shittier Nissan Sentra, or that godawful Jeep Patriot that I had as rentals recently. The Mazda 3 I had was definitely special though. That was the best rental I’ve ever had forced upon me and only cost $262 for 7 days! I will miss that rental, it was a lovable race car.

Glad this was a Florida car, so much better without a front plate
I hate shiny black but this car still looks nice
Seats were bolstered decently for an economy car, leather and heating was nice to have. Overall a nice place to be.
Classy interior, nice touch points, decently weighted steering
Simple and informative, does the job perfectly
Radio controls below shifter were intuitive and nice rather than wasting time with the touch screen
Damn screen tumor sticking out. At least its not as bad as the ND Miata in here, but I just think its a silly design feature by Mazda
Obnoxiously large rear view mirror area. Don’t know what is up with that.
Traction control defeat, manual mode holds gears well, and tires arent trash. Good race car.
This car wins trophies!

That gas mileage though... I wonder how cars would do if the EPA reported “racing mileage”. I know my Miata does far better than this lol. I’ve never been able to get below 10mpg, even with MORE idling and MORE runs than this day. On the highway it was pretty good even with a foot still full of lead. Overall, pretty good and it takes 87 so it was cheap.

Anyways, time to enjoy the Neon some more! Just need to wash the damn thing. I replaced the wiper blades and added some washer fluid so now at least I can see out of the thing when wet. And I put premium in it as recommended by the manual and some forums. It managed to get a full tank, even though it shut off early and spit out some fuel at first lol. But typical hooptie problems.


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