The shitters of Mt. Withington: an actual shitpost.

I haven’t done that write up yet of the library drinking club’s camping trip in the San Mateo mountains, but here’s another tidbit from the weekend. On Saturday we took a walk (well, more like a fairly serious hike bushing wacking 2,000ft in elevation up the canyon our campsite was in to the peak of the mountain) to the top of Mt. Withington. At the top are some truly fantastic views, a fire lookout and some shitters.

If you looked close enough, the VLA is visible in the distance.

Mt. Withington (10,1xxft) is the one the peaks in the San Mateo mountains and has a fire lookout on the top of it. Given our extraordinary wet winter and spring, it isn’t manned yet, but I took the opportunity to document a place frequently manned place by Forest Service personnel that is way too far from anything else to not have its own facilities for pooping.


The shitters of Mt. Withington: a new shitter with a view.

This is the newest shitter on the top of the mountain. It was locked, so no internal inspection or testing took place, but it is certainly a shitter with a view. The Magdalena mountains are off in the distance.

The view from the front door, looking East towards the Magdalena mountains

The shitters of Mt. Withington: old school, but still with a view.


This older one actually has a better view, only highlighted by the lack of a door. That lack of a door might make things a bit drafty in the winter (or even just at night, as the temperature dropped to the freezing mark at our campsite 2,000ft lower in elevation overnight). A member of our party tested it out and confirmed it was among the most scenic pooping he had ever done.


The shitters of Mt. Withington: ruins, but still would’ve had a view.


Nearby the old shool shitter was the ruins of an earlier shitter. I imagine that cairn is important. I’m guessing one might not want to mistakenly step in that hole.

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