Following the American open-wheel split of 1996, Indy Racing League was meant to be single-seater NASCAR for ovals. This is what happens when you put one car in a hill climb event.

Okay, CART might have been the thing to watch, either when it went 240mph or was featured on the silver screen, but there is a thing or two said for IRL as well. After the series started to get rid of its stock-block, NASCAR-esque engines, these cars started sounding pretty darn good.


Something along the lines of a Formula 1 car of the early 90s.


Naturally, the only proper way to show off with a car of roundy-roundies is to put it onto a left and right turning, elevating piece of public road. This is a 1999 Dallara IR9-017 Indy Racing League car at a hill climb.

The hills are alive not just by turbo chirping.

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