Posting mostly for the fun of it. It would be nice, and I’ve been seeing more rumors that Ferrari might keep The Kimi for one more year. Mario Andretti wants The Kimi to stay on the grid, and it’s generally wise to listen to him. Obviously this is a pretty outside chance, I can’t find any trace of Deiter Rencken’s claim they’re citing, and it’s probably all bullshit, but the weirdest twist in the silly season rumor game is that while Ferrari want Bottas, who they really want is The Wee Baby Max Verstappen. Supposedly, Bottas was offered a one year contract, which he did not agree to. If that is true, it would confirm my theory that because of Massa’s resurgence at Williams, Ferrari are now unsure if Bottas is really as good as he’s supposed to be. While I don’t put much weight in silly season rumors, I do have fun speculating and watching the possibilities, and if it’s true that Ferrari are only looking for a one year drive before re-evaluating and Bottas will only sign multi-year, there emerges another contender for the red car should Ferrari decide that they aren’t going with either Finn. Ferrari want experience and speed. They also want someone who is willing to drive for one year. I’ve mentioned it before as a long-shot possibility, but should the pieces fall into place correctly, the only driver on the grid that meets their requirements is Jenson Button. McLaren is a mess, Alonso’s a twat who’s being paid about ten times as much as him, and he may or may not have a drive next year after loyally sticking with his team through three progressively dismal seasons and doing very well against teammates that were supposed to decimate him. Should Jenson end his career in red, there’s a chance for one last win to go out on a high, and I think that he deserves that at this point.