The Cougar has plenty of needs. Detail work probably isn’t high on the priority list, but falls into the “while I have this apart” category. This piece is a good example.

This is the center grill emblem. The insert used to be black. I punched out the Mercury man and there’s a lovely outline of his head on the decal. That’s not dirt, it’s the original color.


I may see if I can play around with paint to restore it, but might just spring for the new decal since it’s cheap enough. Right now, I’m just waiting for some PB Blaster to work it’s magic on the mounting bolts for the vacuum actuators for the headlight doors. Swapping in the electric motors (thanks Miata, or Probe, I forget where they’re from now) should be pretty straightforward.

It’s hard to stay on track when a project needs so much. At least working around the car in sections keeps things interesting.