Warning: I rambled a lot and this got a little long

It's the simple things in life that bring the most joy. like a super useful Bike.

This is my 1970 something Iverson. I got it purely by chance. When I was selling cars for a living, last year, I met a lovely older lady who was selling her home because her husband had passed away. I told her I was in the market(which I was) and she invited me to come have a tour of her home.

I came over later that day, and while checking out the basement I found this cool brown bike, it's a 5 speed, it has a generator, headlight, and taillight, and fenders, front and rear. She explained to me that it was her Husband's he bought it new, and it had been restored by her son at some point, but had been hanging on the wall in the basement for about 5, or 6 years. I asked if I could buy it and she said she had no idea what it was worth. I told her I'd never heard of the brand name so neither did I, but I looked at my wallet and I had 14 bucks. I told her that if the tires held air I'd give her 14 bucks. I pumped up the tires and handed over the cash. The next day she came and bought a 2012 Grand Cherokee from me. Later that day both tires popped.

any way here's how she looked when I brought 'er home.


One of my favorite things about this bike if the location of the sifter. It's down on the bottom tube, instead of on the handle bars, which it seems actually wasn't that uncommon at the time.

I've added a few things tho


The bike had no points on it to mount a rear rack to I used an old leather woman's belt to make a "bracket" And used some skateboard hardware and a washer to hold it all together. It works pretty darn well too.


I added a milk crate to the rack to carry stuff more easily. It's so nice to be able to just trow stuff in there without needing to bungee cored it down.

and on the milk crate I added a skate board rack, made out of an old Colorado licence plate. It only works if you tighten it down with bungee cored really well, but it comes in handy when the crate is full. Also as you can see I changed the seat. Nothing fancy just a cheap base model Bontrager, but it's heaps better than the old unit.


I ziptied a little plastic jar inside the crate to keep things dry when it rains, or keep small things from getting lost. It's really handy for storing my wallet, and phone. Really anything that might be in my pockets I don't like riding a bike with stuff in my pockets.

I even added a bottle opener to to crate


I live in town, and about a mile from where I work so I've probly put more miles on this bike this summer than I have on my car. She's not perfect, and hes weights a ton, and earlier this summer this happened. not even really sure how, al I know is it didn't feel good. Thankfully only the wheel, and my right elbow were harmed.

I've probly got maybe 60 bucks tied up in her and that ain't bad for the amount of fun and use I've gotten back.


Also here is a pic of the bike I had through most of my teenage years. When I got it, it was spray painted black, and ugly, but It had potential, and a double basket. I bought it, a huffy road bike, and a sears stingray wannabe, for 10 bucks at Goodwill one day. four days, and a few can of spray paint later, I had this beauty. This bike hauled a lot of boards, spray paint, monster, and green tea in it's day. This Schwinn is the coolest bike I've ever owned. Sadly in 2012 I left it in my friend's garage and his little brother stole it, and I never saw it again.

Actually that was the second time it had been stolen. The first time I found the kid that had stolen it from the skatepark while I wasn't looking. He had left it on a bridge and went fishing down on the bank. I pulled over and just started loading it in my trunk(I didn't have the hatchback yet). He came up cursing and yelling "hey that's my bike my big brother is going to bet you up". I just looked at this 12 year old punk and said "I know you stole this bike, and I'm talking it back." He then looked reeeal sorry and went back to fishing.

This picture contains my favorite Car, Bike, and Skateboard. unfortunately I now own only one of them. :(.