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Step one: toss old showerhead in the trash.

Step two: buy a Speakman 6551 or 6552 (6 vs 8 nozzles), install.

Step three: remove limiter in the threaded section, allowing the full 2.5 GPM unit to reach max potential.


Step four: enjoy showers to such a degree that the landlord calls about your massive spike in water usage.

Seriously though, these Speakman showerheads are the shit. Solid brass, they have some very real mass in the hand. Feels like five pounds, give or take. The lever on the side has an incredibly smooth travel—but again—there’s some serious weight to it. Easily takes a pound of force to actuate said lever.


In one lever orientation you get a million (84?) non-intersecting streams that are sharp enough to feel like little pinpricks. That might not sound pleasant, but oh boy.... It feels magnificent.

In the other orientation you get fat raindrops falling down on you like a herd of hungry hippos. The longer distance those drops have to fall, the heavier they feel, so this setting is peeeeerfect for laying down in the shower after a long day of work relaxing....


You can infinitely adjust between those two settings by changing lever position.

These showerheads lack a strong, focused stream that would let you get serious targeted cleaning down at your feet/lower legs, which is my sole complaint. Pair with a good hand held wand for maximum awesomeness.


9/10. I have the 6 nozzle in my condo and the 8 in my apartment.

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