EDIT - I see that the carfax reports are available on both with a link, derp. So it looks like the 2014 has been in the (salt-free) south, while the 2015 was in Mass-a-salt-bath-achussetts. And it has damage on the carfax, for whatever that’s worth. Hmmmmm

Another edit - Does anyone know if the bluetooth in these will work for music AND for phone integration? I’m sure of the latter, just not the former. This is kind of a purgatory for that technology, pre-car-play but well into the time of factory bluetooth... examples being my 2012 Volvo which does music/phone perfectly, and my wife’s 2015 Mini which does ONLY phone. Forum discussions are unclear, some success some failure. 

Anyone want to run a carfax for me?? Pretty please??

Option 1: 2T2BK1BA1EC248913

2014 Lexus RX350 F-sport


Option 2: 2T2BK1BA6FC336051

2015 Lexus RX 350

Any thoughts or input is appreciated. I said I’m leaning toward the 2015 CPO, because CPO but I’d like to see carfax history too.

I know these are more than what she was looking at a couple weeks ago. I guess just... what does money even mean anyway?

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