The Midget needed a ton of brake work. A lot. New master cylinder, new rear cylinders, and who knows what else. It was all at least 25 years old and I suspect the master was original (in a 1972 car). And getting the master cylinder out is a right bitch. A major major bitch. And frankly one I’m not willing to tackle. I may be a glutton for punishment but I’m not a I took it to a local shop that specializes in such weirdness...and in Miatas. In fact, I bought my car from the shop owner in 1989 :) He kept the car about 3 expected...had to order the parts and such. Picked up this morning - it has brakes again, or as good as the brakes get in a 1972 Midget (not that good...). Drove home, grinning like a compleat fool. An utter happy fool.