Next weekend is my 10th attempt at doing well at autocross. My MR2 might actually be set up properly for it this time.

Up until now, I’ve been competing in the Street classes, to very little success. Failing shocks and all-season tires have made driving a little more difficult than it should be. With some choice replacements and upgrades, I’ll now be competing in Street Touring.

The following have been replaced on the car:

  • Shocks and springs, replaced with BC coilovers. That’s improved the ride comfort considerably.
  • An alignment, after the coilovers were installed. It drives straight now.
  • Polyurethane suspension bushings. It really needed new ones, and the upgrade is allowed in STS.
  • New passenger-side front headlight. The old one burnt out, so I got a new one for $10 at an auto parts store and installed it. Also topped up the blinker fluid.


It’s stock otherwise, but the STS class allows for the following:

  • Wheels of any diameter and up to 7.5" wide. Tires with minimum treadwear of 200.
  • Exhaust modification and/or replacement including headers.
  • Intake modification up to the throttle body.
  • ECU & timing reprogramming.
  • New seats, as long as each one weighs 25 lbs or more.
  • Any stickers are allowed, but the horsepower gains may not exceed 10% of the un-stickered output of the car.

New wheels are definitely happening, and new seats are a maybe this week.

The 5S-FE engine isn’t particularly responsive to tuning and modification. A “Cold air intake” might actually decrease performance. The muffler is really heavy though, so replacing it with a lighter system might aid in acceleration.


I’m very excited to try some real tires and suspension damping next weekend. Lots of video will be taken...