It’s a cat. To be more specific, it’s a black 2005 Jaguar X-Type 3.0 Sportwagon. It’s my brother’s first car, and the seventh car my family has purchased in the past 12 months (as there are seven of us with licenses, everyone but one has gotten a new car this year and I’ve gotten two). It’s black over black with 98k miles on the clock, and we paid $3,250 for it. It needs a bit of work, but at that price it’s nothing that isn’t worth sorting out. My brother wanted a unique car that could carry him and all his guitars/amps/other band shit. With just 1,600 of these sold in the states, it’s certainly unique. Also, my family now has two 2005 AWD station wagons which were made by a normal company and then had interesting European luxury badges slapped on.

Not his actual car pictured, I’ll take pictures of it/hopefully drive it when I get home on Monday. His has black wheels and the Leaper.