was NOT build the Q50 Eau Rogue. At the time, a luxurious GT-R sedan seemed to make sense. I mean Nissan made a half a million dollar Juke, so obviously they didn’t give a fuck! Now it’s mid-2016 and Infiniti would be just now preparing to show the production sedan this Fall or early 2017. By the time it would have hit dealers at the end of 2017, we would have had a 500hp C63S and Giulia QV for under $80k. Jaguar would be announcing a 510hp, V8 XE-R, and GM would be stuffing the new Z/28's 7.0L into the ATS-V in order to be the baddest in the market.

Did we want the Infiniti? Of course!! Would anyone buy a near-luxury brand’s compact sports sedan for the same price as an RS7? It’s like the new NSX without the anticipation.


However, to Infiniti’s credit, they did give us a 400hp, TTV6, AWD compact sports sedan for $49,950. I think that’s a better deal than a 560hp, TTV6, AWD compact sports sedan for over $100k, don’t you?

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