Definition: When one starts on something with intention to fix/look at/disassemble one thing and end up taking apart way more than that.

Example: Began taking out just the OBC to take bulb to local parts store to see if they had replacements. Ended with half the dash taken apart to track down wires and figure out why my dash lights stay on even when the headlights are off. Now going tomorrow to buy LEDs to convert the whole interior light setup to them.

Not pictured: Removed headlight switch and dimmer control.

Luckily, my dad and I were able to stop ourselves before we ended up with the car half apart at 9:00 at night trying to rush it back together so I can drive to school tomorrow.

So now tomorrow we're going to buy LEDs and convert the OBC, instrument cluster, and basically everything else that currently has incandescent bulbs in it. I was hoping that I could buy white LEDs for the gauge cluster and make it white with red needles then have the entire center stack red, but my dad thinks that the gauge cluster uses a colored film rather than bulbs to make the gauges red. Damn.