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The Sound of Music? No Cars... Wait a second.

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It takes a bunch for me to sit through a 20 minute youtube video (especially if it’s not clips of people tripping or falling off of trampolines), but this one got me.


not sure if these have been posted up here before, the series is a mash up of this guy’s thoughts on a particular brand or model car, and a contemporaneous band/musician. i came across this one in looking for some new e24 video content, and was pleasantly surprised. being a closet cure fanatic probably helped.

this may just be an outlet for this guy to show off his video editing skills and band-t-shirt collection. also, i’m not sold on wheels or the M-stripes on this particular 635, but new perspectives on cars i’m shopping is always nice. and this one also has pretty decent clips of him playing various instruments... sometimes while in the car. i’ll stay tuned.


have a video of a forest which he is teasing throughout the video.

i’m going to go watch the zepplin-911 video.

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