I finally got my fun car back on the road yesterday after 10 months of failed and delayed repair attempts. Any time you do major car jobs, there's a moment right when it's time to turn the key and test your work where there's just a little anxiety. Am I sure I tightened everything to spec? Am I sure I got all the wiring and connections right? Are all the fluids refilled? And when you turn the key, and all your meticulous work, tagging, checklists, and final reviews pay off, that sound, the sound of your car cranking back to life is one of the sweetest and most rewarding you can ask for.

When I took my car out to test it yesterday, I was reminded how special that can be. It was late afternoon, about 1600, so there was some early commute and after-school traffic, but not a ton. After a few smaller loops, I was confident things were working well and had no qualms about getting on it a bit. I hung on to second a little longer than was really necessary, and then left it in gear to slow down for some traffic and lights that were coming up. The pleasant sound of engine deceleration through the revs accompanied me as I drew alongside a Prius. There are nearly as many of those here as Subarus; they're the generic "cars in Boulder". This one had two kids in the back in booster seats, so I'd guess they were very early school-age, but at least 4 or 5 years old. I could hear them yelling, "Oh my god, that's so cool! Listen! I think it's a race car!". Though the guy at the gas station yesterday, "Man, that is one beautiful car you got there!", was very nice, having the sound of a lot of my hard work put a bit of fun in those kids' afternoon was a big reward.

Revvolution of the Rockies posted this video on their Facebook feed today. I think it does a nice job illustrating what I'm trying to say. All sorts of beautiful cars from around the world and over the ages, starting. No music or narration, just the cars speaking for the people who design, build, maintain, and drive them. Enjoy, and I hope you have a great start to your car season, too.