Hello again. I have decided to start a series on the old Oppo called "The Sounds of Sunday." This will involve me posting a song or album that I very much enjoy, or that caught my attention at some point in time. I will also relate it to some sort of driving scenario. You are all welcome to join along in the fun.

This week, however, I will be pairing two songs to get us started. It's also fitting that these two bands are currently on tour together.


Driving Scenario: Californian Cruise along the coast. You brought along you're 6-month old black lab, and after an few hours of running along the rocky beaches, she's passed out underneath the rising sunrise passing through the window.

Song: Pachuca Sunrise by Minus the Bear


Driving Scenario: You are Ricky Bobby, and for some reason, you find yourself in North Korea. Coke has been outlawed, and they threaten to nuke anyone they find transporting it. You've lost your speed, but your daddy has duct-taped a 12-pack to the bottom of his stolen 2008 Government-owned Zunma, and told the police it's yours, so now you have to race to the South-Korean border as quickly as possible, also there is a wild qilin in the passenger's seat that wants to eat you for breakfast!


Song: Get Out by Circa Survive