The source of my burning need for an E28 535i is for sale

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This might be my favourite car that anyone I know has had, including mine. Other than maybe my Volvo, or the Blazer. But this is top 3 at least. I


t’s a 1986 535i, on cut springs, billy HDs, an old Dinan chip, and straight exhaust to a magnaflow, I think. The red leather interior is just the icing on the cake. Oh and it’s a 5 speed and has an LSD. It’s easily the most fun car I’ve ever driven, and has the most character. That engine is like a living, howling beast that just wants to haul ass. No idea how many miles are on it since the gauges just kinda bounce around, and it burns/leaks quite a bit of oil, but it’s still pretty much the healthiest M30 I’ve ever encountered.

Before E28s started to go up in value, my friend sold it for not very much money. A guy wound up with it that we found on instagram and youtube, who seemed to be a good home for it. It has euro lights now, and mtechnic fender flares, and then weirdly enough it got a set of black AC Schnitzer wheels on it that came off my friends E32. So now it’s for sale, I don’t think it’s the same guy since he stopped posting it a year or so ago, but the ad is bad, and it’s not looking great with those wheels and the federal bumpers.


Luckily I don’t have room for a fifth car, or money, otherwise I’d probably buy this beautiful basketcase of an e28.


I’ll leave you with the glorious sound this thing makes

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