Bitch and moan as some will, there's a reason for the perception of the stereotype.

In the mid '90s the lady who cut my hair had a picture of a man taped to her mirror. I asked her if that was her boyfriend, and she started crying. She said that *was* her boyfriend, but he had died recently in a shooting accident. Seeing the state she was in, I didn't press her on the details, but she went on to tell me that he and a friend had been drinking beer and playing with firearms. You can see where this is going. Turns out her boyfriend put his beer can on his head and dared his friend to shoot it. His friend took the dare, and subsequently took the top of the guy's head off.

My wife and I were discussing this at lunch today at Five Guys when the muse hit me and I came up with this little gem:

I once had a buddy, a man without fear.

The last words he uttered was "Here. Hold my beer."