Becoming prominent in any sort of racing is hard. Breaking into prominence racing as a female is even harder. Breaking into racing when you are female living in the West Bank, now that’s a tall order.

The Speed Sisters of Palestine are an all female drift racing team in an occupied country. Present day Palestine is remarkably relatively secular considering their situation. It’s as if the rest of middle east caught up to their levels of radicalization a few years back and then sped past them. However, it’s still a place where women are expected to go swimming fully clothed (why the fuck did I just Google image search “palestinian beaches” to make sure I was right. How does that query result in so many photos of dead, mangled little children??? FUCK). It’s still a place women aren’t viewed as equals.


You know what? I don’t have the will to write the rest of this, too many dead kids. Anyway, it’s a story worth checking out...