Who would Trump like most as white house press secretary?

Denton ignored a court order, something Trump and co like doing. In ignoring that court order, he caused Gawker to go away. The whole Gawker family of sites was noted for its hard-hitting journalism, something Trump hates, so Trump would be happy to see it go.

Thiel is the one who sued Gawker to the grave, so Trump must like that. If only Thiel would do the same to Perez Hilton, who is known for outing a bunch of gay people (the reason Thiel funded Gawker lawsuits, to get revenge)


And of course, there’s Spanfeller. Trying to quiet Deadspin, and the effects of fighting a unionized free press.

That’s the only reason these three scary monsters would do what they did, to vie for the spot as Trump’s press secretary or some other role in the Trump administration.

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