The Spyder


Everyone ought to know about the "Little Bastard." James Dean's Porsche 550 Spyder is probably the most famous death car in history. And, you have to admit, it's pretty badass. Possibly cursed. It's also sex on wheels—but that's my opinion. 


I realize that Jalopnik has definitley had posts regarding this beauty before, so I'm just going to focus in on one question in particular: What do you think happened to this car? Think it rests in pieces, or is it alive and well somewhere out there?

I'm really into classic film, and mystique of Dean's Porsche has always been a curiosity of mine. I went to undergrad in Indy and made the pilgrimage out to Fairmount, which lives and breathes Dean. I hung out with James Dean (as best as I could), visited his old haunts, and gathered that the town is, of course, clearly proud of its native son. I even got to chat with Dean's cousin, but my initial question is obviously largely unanswered. Honestly, we may never know—but I'm still very curious to see what you folks think happened. 

So, what are your guesses?

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