Got this done last week before Thanksgiving during the winter storm that gave me no snow to work with. Of course, now that I have appropriate tires the temperatures mellow...go figure.

Finding the wheel and tire combination was more difficult than I anticipated. As I don't have far to drive each day I wanted to be fairly cheap overall while still actually getting tires that could get me out of New Hampshire should I go for a trip or two. Ford didn't have anything in stock and ordering something would apparently not go too well in my favor. The guy helping me has seen me once in a while for a couple years so he just said to hunt them down somewhere else, he wouldn't mind haha.

Sears (right next door to me) would have to order them and the guy was a bit of a dick so I peaced out pretty quickly. Town Fair Tire didn't have anything in stock but the guy was genuinely interested in 1) my car and 2) my business so I went with them. He said the tires and wheels would take a week to arrive...took two days. Cool!

Anywho, the before:

Note the brake dust! Actually doesn't look as bad as it was.


Swung home and my rubber mats arrived! Husky ones from Amazon fit like a glove. I mean, really, they were perfect for every curve in the floor. Better than expected.

So the tires are Firestone Winterforce and the wheels are steel, apparently from Ford because the stock lug nuts fit like a glove. (note, I have no idea why the image is rotated...KINJAAAAA!!!!)


Since I got these thrown on after work and was killing time by doing some Christmas browsing and grocery shopping, the following picture is at night. I think it looks decent considering the potato I bought at Shaws could take a similar image.

The caps will likely come off soon...they look weird I just haven't had the motivation to move.


Now I have four summer wheels sitting on my porch waiting for me to find a spot to keep them for the winter. I am so lazy...