My wife and I were in Andersonville (Chicago) for dinner a few weeks ago and went to Transistor. A great little shop for anyone in the area. We immediately saw this print by Jason Brueck / Alter Images and had to have it, but we had to order the larger size. Well this weekend we were in Andersonville again, this time to collect the print. I could not be happier with this purchase and it will be, until I die, the only thing in our house that is godly:

A better look of where he is:

This picture just makes me realize how ready I am to finally paint the walls white.

While walking around we also picked up a delightfully ugly love seat that is the most comfortable thing I’ve ever been sat upon. Only $100 at an antiques store. At that same store I picked up this fun 8MM projector for $20 (and it works):

Fun Fact, the projector is a Revere Model 80. Revere Camera Company was founded in 1920 as a car radiators manufacturing business (Excel Radiator Company). They started producing movie cameras in 1939, and changed the name to Revere. The Model 80 was their first projector made early to mid 1940's and was one of the best of the day thanks to it’s quality build and features.


That’s all for now, what’s going on in your world?