If your Ford had a Matthew McConaughey, it would be a Lincoln

The starter motor

It’s kinda dead now. But it’s got new headlights, so there’s that. That starter wasn’t long for this world anyways.

But that’s okay, because with the $1800 that was given to me with the car, $1000 of it will be allocated to getting it running and I plan to have a local Euro shop take care of it but before I do that, I’m cleaning up a few spots of surface rust that’s allowed me to realize how useful having a random and never used dremel tool is.


There’s only three spots of it and thankfully they’ve not progressed far at all.

Strangely enough it’s all around the hatch though. No matter. Though I may have to remove it all together to properly touch this up.


The rust on the hood isn’t too kind but my friend will help me redo the hood when the time comes. Until then, painters tape will suffice in covering it up. I first thought about just doing the hood in gloss black but I’m not sure how that’d look. It would be much more cost effective though and easier than matching the heavily metallic paint. It’d be different. Like the optional hood on the GT3.


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