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The status of the Immortal Blazer

I just took her out on the highway for the first time in a while, and the bump steer is real....

I knew I needed shocks and an alignment, but I didn’t realize it was this bad. I’ll probably be sticking to driving around the city until I decide if I’m gonna put any more money into her, or pick up a different beater for the time being.


Tentative list of needs includes shocks, sway bar end links, probably some steering components to get rid of some of the play, and an alignment. it also just didn’t engage overdrive the other day, which is a bit concerning. It hasn’t happened since, but it definitely made me nervous. Oh and I still need to look for whatever is shorting out my power locks. But she runs great! Always has and probably always will, that 4.3 is a tank.


Also just hit 313k kms today.


I do love this truck, I think I just want something that’s a bit more fun to drive. Possibly better on gas, that certainly wouldn’t hurt.

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