And we're just sitting here masturbating. Or at least that's what it felt like during my morning commute, since the mop up crew hadn't finished removing all the trash and debris from last night yet, so the whole way to and from campus was a slow crawl at constant speed without stopping or changing lanes very often. If cars were zombies, this is how post apocalyptic traffic would work.

My neighboorhood was relatively unaffected, but the area around my College campus was hit bad when things became violent. Busses were burnt, cars were stoned, people got beaten and arrested, nasty stuff.

I've no idea how the violence started or who started it, but I know that I wasn't completely off when I said that rival political parties would soon show up to fight each other and demoralize the whole movement. There were probably more party flags than national flags in there, which is bullshit because the Brazilian government is composed of multiple parties, multiple ideologies and the corruption is widespread, regardless of ideologies or political stands.

There were also way too many agitators and hooligans breaking things, depredating stores and stealing stuff just for the hell of it, so, yeah, another great way to demoralize the movement.

Things have gotten back to normal already, but afternoon classes were called off because some of the campus buildings will have to be repaired and the traffic is still a little slow in some areas, so I'll just stop talking and try to get some sleep.


G'night Oppo.