The Story behind Mergio Sarchionne (08/31/2017 - 07/21/2018)

I decided to make a Kinja account for Sergio Marchionne at about 9:00am on Thursday August 31st to defend his honour and essentially post what he would post, including shilling for products.

I then was contacted by Patrick George who told me that FCA’s head of PR had contacted him to complain. I found that tremendously funny and sincerely hoped that real Sergio had read my comments about selling FCA to Fancy Kristen and turned purple with rage.


After that, I changed the account to read “deleted” and stopped commenting for a bit. I then came up with the idea of the fake nose/glasses bit and switching the letters of the name around.

The rest, is history. I had a ton of fun posting as Mergio and I hope that everyone had fun reading it. I also hope that real Sergio pulls through. I may like to rag on FCA and would never buy one, but they make some cool cars.

My favorite comments:


Lots of others, too many to list really.

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