I guess i'm the only opponaut who has a weird habit of collecting old phones. And now, i think i'm the only one who has a post dedicated to that habit. And today, we have a special guest called the Nokia E90.

So, the E90. The E90 is a story of Nokia's weird obsession with a phone that could be turned into a small and tiny and impractical netbook. These were called the Communicator, and the E90 was the last of the breed.

I remember when this phone was launched in a big auction style launch here in Indonesia where the one who got the most monies can buy the first ever E90 in the world. An unnamed man won the bid, and he paid 45 Million IDR (about 4,500USD) for his E90. In 2007. And i can't imagine how pissed he is when the iPhone was released a month later.


Or did he? E90 was in every way better than the first iPhone. The first iPhone with the first version of iOs doesn't even have apps. Let alone office. Heck, the first iPhone doesn't even have 3G support for god sake. The only place i think where the iPhone wins was the memory, since the E90 only can accept 2GB of memory while the iPhone has 4GB memory from the start.


And The E90 has everything you expect from a smartphone today. It has 3G with HSDPA, Wi-Fi, Satnav, Big Screen, Aircon... Wait. No, it doesn't have an Aircon. Still, it's not the end of the world because it has a big keyboard! Something that has been missing from smartphone for years :(

I think it's kinda fair to say that Nokia sees the smartphone trend in 2007, but they're too busy aiming for serious things like business. While people prefer something that a bit more fun and simple, something that Nokia rarely offers. And a bit lighter too, since this phone weigh a massive 210 grams. It's so heavy that some say if you hit the dog in the head with this, you could kill that dog.


And believe it or not these photos were taken using an even older Nokia N95. But that's another story altogether. If you enjoy this, i'll make this article becomes a seasonal article, just like my famous and rubbish awesome quickride. What do you think?