Regardless of what some people may think, the DSM community is alive and kicking. Here in Ohio, there’s still many of us, and the originals like myself tend to band together with some of the other OG DSM members. One of those members is a good friend by the name of Andrew, and he owns a very rowdy 1GB Talon all wheel drive.

A Trip Down Memory Lane

A while back, Andrew owned a 1GA Plymouth Laser, and like ALL 1GA Lasers, it was front wheel drive. That didn’t deter him from building a rowdy setup, and much of my inspiration is taken from that very car. The Laser I speak of was daily driven, and ran a hood exit exhaust, because that’s just how we do things around here.

With a larger turbocharger and proper supporting modifications, his car quickly garnered a nasty reputation for hurting feelings. Back then, I didn’t even know him on a personal level, however, I had known about this Laser. This was a front wheel drive DSM that was picking on some pretty nasty cars and hurting feelings with excellent regularity.

A very hilarious story he had actually shared with me was of an LS powered firebird that was pulling the front wheels. It had been proven to make deep 11 second passes, and after sizing it up, he was able to take it down. Very impressive for a front wheel drive that wasn’t rocking a $10,000 build by any stretch.


Unfortunately, rust had set in and he decided to pull the motor and utilize it elsewhere.

Enter The 1g AWD

Now I don’t have many pictures of this particular car on hand, just a few I snapped the other day and a very bad ass video of it idling. With that out of the way, this car is very much a sleeper. This is the quintessential DSM you’ve been warned about over the years.


It doesn’t have coilovers, it’s on stock suspension. It’s not wearing fancy wheels, it’s on Evolution 8 wheels to be exact. It’s mostly stock appearing.

Well I did say “mostly” stock appearing.


This is a daily driven Talon running a bumper exit exhaust, aside from that and the front mounted intercooler, you’d have no idea that this car is likely pushing over 400 all wheel horsepower. Except the idle perhaps.

Juust a short ten second Snapchat of the cammed idle

The idle tells a sinister story. Rocking the BC272 cams that everyone says not to run, she sounds absolutely sinister. The alternator has been rear mounted to allow the side exhaust exhaust to pass through where it used to reside.


If I’m not mistaken, the fuel pressure regulator and many of the parts are eBay sourced. Tuning is provided by DSMlink and Andrew does all of his tuning himself. He’s very old school and no matter how much I run him shit about still utilizing a mass air sensor, the setup works and it’s clear that my new age mindset is more stubborn than successful.

The turbocharger is an eBay unit, a few weeks ago the turbo he had been running for quite some time decided to puke up an exhaust wheel. Undeterred, he grabbed a similar unit on Craigslist for just $70 and started to send it. I won’t disclose boost pressure, but it’s fairly high and I can confirm the setup is very wicked after what I heard and witnessed the other day.


The exhaust manifold is also a knock off and is working exceptionally well, again this is a car that sees miles. He’s actually driven to my place over 30 miles away on multiple occasions and hasn’t had any real issues aside from the suicidal turbocharger a few weeks ago. The transmission is also OEM and seems to be taking the heat as well.

Doing What DSMs Do Best

Sorry that the picture is sideways for whatever reason. Anyways, nothing complicated here. Just some knowledge put into place.


It doesn’t take much cash to make one of these cars hurt feelings, many people associate “budget builds” with unreliability, and that’s not always the case. Maintenance and knowledge keep these cars on the road, big money parts don’t. This is truly a setup that could run some nasty times, and be driven home. I can’t guess what’s invested in it, but I’d venture to say that it isn’t a great deal. What I can say is this however; this Talon does work on the daily and sounds absolutely incredible while doing it.

Thanks for taking time to read a quick shout out to a local car. If you’d like to see more of these, let me know, as there’s no shortage of sick rides in my area.